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fring introduces group video chat!

Now here is something that finally puts your Apple, Android, or Nokia device ahead of your P.C, Group Video chat!  That’s right fring has released video chat with up to three other people and it works across multiple platforms. (Someone with an iPhone 4 can call someone with a  Nexus S for example)  Last I … Continue reading

iPhone Location data. Really not a big deal?!

Recently, there was some big hoopla about Apple collecting information on the places you visit by storing the locations that you visited on a file on your iPhone or iPad.  (the file name is consolidated.db)  I don’t like being tracked, but I don’t like the fact that people are being oversold on the importance of … Continue reading

T-Mobile White iPhone 4

A photo and story regarding a white iPhone 4 has been posted here.  What I found interesting is not the fact there is a white iPhone 4 out there, but the pictures show a T-Mobile white iPhone 4. What this means is those of us Canadians on Wind’s or Mobilicity’s 1700 MHz networks are in … Continue reading

Playbook vs. Xoom vs iPad 2

I know there are many more tablets in the market then just the Motorola Xoom, Apple iPad 2, and the BlackBerry Playbook, but honestly, those other tablets are looking to find their niche as lower priced inferior segments that would be happy with 2% of the tablet industry.  Realistically, only the offerings presented by Motorola … Continue reading

BlackBerry PlayBook review.

After spending 23 hours in line, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a BlackBerry PlayBook.  Okay, maybe I’m being just a little facetious, especially since I walked into my local Future Shop and walked out with one 10 minutes later.  In fact anyone can, but I thought it was funny.  Let me … Continue reading

Covers continued… Vaja and Hermes

Want your mind blown away?  How about a cover that costs more then your iPad 2?  (      I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the Hermes case for the iPad 1 and the Vaja iPad 1 case as well! As you can imagine, they feel and look amazing! The good news for Vaja … Continue reading

Smart Cover not so Smart After all …

So you’ve had the iPad 2 for about 2 weeks now.  If you were one of the many who bought a Smart Cover has it hit you yet?  That as great and innovative as it is, it lacks in the second part of its namesake.  It really doesn’t cover the iPad 2 the way you … Continue reading

Eye-Fi X2 SD WiFi 8GB Card… Instant Uploads!

Now who doesn’t want this!  Directly transfer your pictures from your camera straight on to your iPad 2.  There is some tinkering involved, but it does what it says, and the 8GB card is $79.99.  It’s in U.S dollars so it should be less when it comes to Canada.  (Okay bad joke, but a guy can dream can’t he?)  It also … Continue reading

iPad 2: What is it good for?

I don’t think anyone got the reference and replied, ‘Absolutely Nothing!’ Or in a case of extreme irony realized that this simply does not apply! On a website I routinely frequent, someone posed the question, iPad 2: What is it good for?  Many users chimed in with their personal experiences and of course the very … Continue reading

Got a Shiny New iPad 2? Read this!

Alright then!  So chances are you picked up a new toy over the weekend.  And if you are like me it was an iPad 2.  I was fortunate enough to get my Ipad 2 on March 11th at the Walden Galleria in the US of Eh!  I’ve had mine now for a little over 2 weeks … Continue reading


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