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iPad 2: What is it good for?

I don’t think anyone got the reference and replied, ‘Absolutely Nothing!’ Or in a case of extreme irony realized that this simply does not apply! On a website I routinely frequent, someone posed the question, iPad 2: What is it good for?  Many users chimed in with their personal experiences and of course the very common Apple versus Android debate flared up.  Within the pertinent posts a common theme started to develop.  It is useful because of how people were able to integrate it into their everyday life.  Whether that is for taking notes in a University lecture or surfing the net before bed or even logging into Facebook on the bus, it has given us an outlet to do things in places that were once impossible.  (No toilets shall be mentioned here)
            A key argument was that nothing besides food, water, heat, and shelter are really needed, everything else is a want.  And it is this realization that really is what Apple wants us to believe.  That everything really is a want and we really want an iPad 2.  Now there is nothing wrong in wanting something but shouldn’t it be for the right reasons?  Watching an ad or having it because everyone else does just doesn’t make sense to me.  However recognizing where a tablet device can enhance your daily life or even make something easier (or just satisfy your social addiction…) is what it comes down to.
            I recently went over to my aunt’s house and I saw in the Family room they were having a conversation with their daughter who is in Med School in the states.  The whole family gathered around and we all had a nice conversation with her.  Traditionally computers are kept in a den or home office and its impractical to have everywhere in there having a conversation.  But with the mobility of the iPad 2 I quickly realized how convenient this was for them and how awesome this device can easily be. Some might say a smart phone can do the same, but if you have both devices, you know this is not true.  The experience is worlds apart.
            Granted there will be those who will use the iPad 2 for nothing other then games, but if a $600+ gaming machine doesn’t bother them then I have to ask the question, why should it bother me?  And quite frankly, it doesn’t.  I chose not to get the iPad 1 because I wanted to wait a year and see how the market developed.  After weighing my options the iPad 2 is truly the best experience out in the market right now and quite possibly in the foreseeable future.  I will get my hands on a Playbook to make sure, but I can’t see that over taking the iPad 2.  But that’s just my opinion!
(Wanted to quickly reference Red Flag Deals and user ‘nomik2’ for starting the thread there)  Thanks!

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