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Smart Cover not so Smart After all …

So you’ve had the iPad 2 for about 2 weeks now.  If you were one of the many who bought a Smart Cover has it hit you yet?  That as great and innovative as it is, it lacks in the second part of its namesake.  It really doesn’t cover the iPad 2 the way you want it to or the way it should.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the stand positions.  It is just that after I am done with my iPad 2 or need to move with it, storage and travel is a concern.
     I want my shiny new toy to stay shiny, and I feel that the Smart Cover is inadequate in this regard.  For those who don’t know what the smart cover is, here’s a YouTube video showing its benefits and features and what I believe is its limitations.
So, like any other person looking to protect their investment at a reasonable cost, I went to eBay! I clicked on many links and looked at many descriptions until I found the one I was most comfortable with. For the cheaper price and the fact it took exactly 3 weeks to deliver was a concern.  However, I don’t believe that paying ~$50 for a cover is reasonable either.  Online, I found some as low as 9.99 with shipping to come out to about ~$15 and the one I settled on was $22 with shipping included.  I am very satisfied with the build of my case and it is extremely comparable to the Belkin available at Best/Buy Future Shop.
I won’t advertise the vendor, but you can see from the pics the product is capable of the typing mode and stand mode and it is very sturdy.  It does everything exactly like the Smart Cover except put it to sleep when I close the case.  If you take a look at the aftermarket ones that claim to do this, you will realize that having the magnet on the back puts the iPad 2 to sleep when held in your hands and at a certain angle.  That would become extremely annoying.   Watch this video from the 2:13 mark, it explains the issue.
Update:  Since I received the SwitchEasy Canvas I have removed my buy recommendation from this case.  Although its a fantastic case for the price, after prolonged use I found that it was not a 100% fit and was a bit loose and off center.   Check my review out for the SwitchEasy Canvas to know the difference!

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