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My Top 10 Free App List

Everyone has an Apps list, so I thought why not make my own.  Realistically, you should be checking the App store daily for freebies that exist only for a couple days.  It is a great way to save money and potentially get an app that will help you kill hours of time when you need it the most!  For the purposes of my list, I will only be recommending free apps right now, so without further delay, here’s my list!

10. At number 10 I’m going to clump a bunch of random game apps that you can spend only about 10 minutes or less playing before you have had enough, they are good, but not great and for free they are totally worth it. They are in no particular order,





GF All-Stars

Bowmaster HD




NBA Jam Lite


Falling Fred


Little Ninja



9. At number 9 ‘Simply Find It’ may be another game you won’t spend more then 10 minutes playing, but for some reason finding yourself coming back to more often then the rest.  Everyone one knows this game, you have 2 pictures and they have subtlety changed 3 things and it is your job to find it in 45 seconds!  It is an awesome game to play with a spouse or the kids.

8. ‘Vevo HD’ is a great resource to watch your favourite music videos. I especially like the ability to choose genre’s and be exposed to music I might not otherwise have given a chance. Unfortunately, you can’t multitask with this app, if you hit the home button the music will not continue playing, but the whole point is the watch the music video.

7.  ‘HD Wallpapers’ allows you to select from hundreds of high quality backgrounds for your home and lock screens.  I like to change my backgrounds often and this way I don’t have to spend hours looking for one. Instead I’ll spend hours looking through them.

6.  ‘GarageIncHD’ is an awesome game where you are a mechanic and you have to hire other mechanics to perform specialized tasks.  It will put your ability to multitask to the test and there is a nice story line here that involves a cousin and the mob.  This game was free when I picked it up, and hopefully it still is or one day will be again.

5.   ‘Tap The Frog’ is another one of those great game apps that you will spend plenty of time playing and then just as about the same amount of time wondering how you spend so much time on such a simple app.  The object in this game is to complete the task in front of you in record time.  I found it quite addicting and so did everyone I showed the game too.  Great game to play with the kids or some super competitive friends!

4.  ‘Flipboard’ is an app that I appreciate because I don’t like to spend too much time on Social Media.  It basically creates a magazine format for you to view your Facebook and Twitter along with some other great topics which you can setup.  What it used to take me 10-15 minutes to do, I can do in 5 minutes with Flipboard.  It’s one of those apps that once you have you don’t understand how you lived without before!

3.  ‘theScore’ is a great app for sports fans that want to keep up to date on all the games on any given night.  As someone who likes to take a bit of action on the NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB this is a great app to see what’s going on with play by plays and up to the second (almost) updates.  A worthy mention also goes to the ‘TSN’ app as well for this spot.

2.  ‘Crackle’ is for those people that have a lot of free time and an open mind!  If you can watch a bad movie from start to finish and have a good laugh about it, then Crackle is for you.  It is a collection of B and C movies, (and some A list as well) that you may never have heard of.  It features full movies without ads (from what I remember) it won’t work with AirPlay but still a great app nonetheless.

1.  FaceTime.  Okay just kidding, lol.  I haven’t used that but to test it out with a friend.  In all honesty the best free app is Global Video.  With great shows like House, NCIS, Rookie Blue, and most importantly Spring Wipeout!  They also have The Office, Shattered, and did I mention House?  There are other shows that I’ll leave you to discover for yourselves but this is hands down the app I spend most of my time on.  I don’t follow many of these shows but it is great to be able to just watch a show when I feel like.  An honourable mention also goes out to the CitytvVideo app.  Between the two apps, there are some descent shows to watch.

As always, what I watch and which Apps I play with change as time goes along.  I hope the list above gives you some insight into a few of those apps and you’ll try them out, in the end they are free and you’ll have a great time discovering your own favourites!


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I like to use technology to help me waste time, if by chance it helps with anything useful, that was just dumb luck!


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