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The Death of Flash…or is it?

What happens when you put someone who is technically savvy but not media savvy at the helm of a company… This. 

Now if you listen to the Apple camp, it’s the death march for Flash.  I have a different take on it.  Apple has basically designed their devices so that everyone who accesses it through their devices has a great and easy to use experience.  They may isolate some parts of the internet, but to the average user they will never notice. Google and its fans want everyone to have access to everything.  This sometimes causes compatibility issues and crashes.  Now it is easy to sit back and argue that within the confines of the mobile apparatus that it would be more efficient to have a device that works on demand and loads pages quickly and uses battery power efficiently but, and I’ll highlight that ‘but’ for emphasis, the onus should be on battery makers to develop more slim and powerful batteries and website developers to develop great content that loads quickly and easily.  I’m not talking mobile versions of browsers either, that in my opinion was like putting duck tape on a bullet wound.  I think the public wants smart phones that live up to their moniker and will give them access to the internet in whole.

If you’ve read my other blogs, I think I don’t have to defend my position on Apple.  I love their products and so do the people in my household.  What will come as a surprise is that I will defend Google today too.  Mark it on your calendar, 03/06/11!

Steve Jobs talks about his position on html as an ascending technology while Flash (he implies) is a descending technology.  In reality it’s about control, anyone who has ever read an Email from Jobs or heard about his legendary arrogance will know what I am talking about.  Its served Apple and its shareholders well to this point, so how do you argue with a man that 99/100 of his ideas are fantastic and that he is wrong about that 1.  The answer is you can’t!

Here’s where I think he’s wrong, according to Apple, the future is in Apps.  What happens if someone creates live T.V on the internet and it uses flash?  It makes sense that if I have a device like an iPad that if live T.V were available and I was somewhere where I didn’t have access to a T.V that I should be able to watch in on my iPad.  That’s the true direction of live T.V and mobile devices.  Here’s where this came to me.  I was stuck, well that’s not fair, we’ll say attending a wedding last Monday.  I have been known to put a buck or two on sporting events.  Having my Google phone, I quickly searched, “Watch NBA live”, I clicked on the first link and bam I was watching the Mavericks and Thunder playing live instantly.  I had a few people around me and they were all amazed that I could do this.  Someone with an iPhone tried and failed, and at that instant, I had made an Apple user feel inadequate.  I hope I didn’t distort his perception of reality and that he will be fine, but I think the writing was on the wall for the poor guy. (Just kidding, I’m sure he will be fine, it was an open bar after all.)  I’m sure you have all heard the jokes out there, that if Apple made Cars…if not, then here you go…

I’ve heard the technical reasons why Apple doesn’t use Flash I’ve heard the practical reasons why Apple doesn’t use flash but while I was doing a Wiki search on Shantanu Narayen it lists him starting his career at Apple and then moving on to pioneer the concept of digital photography with Pictra Inc. until he becomes CEO at Adobe. I think him being an former employee of Apple has more to do with Flash not being on iDevices then anything else, if you catch my drift.


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