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iPad 3 in September 2011?

I hate getting caught up in rumors, but its been out there for awhile, that there maybe an update to the iPad coming this September.  If ever there was a greater mistake then this I don’t know what is.  Normally I wouldn’t bother posting something up like this, because I know common sense dictates that … Continue reading

You can get away with murder at the Apple Store…wait a second…

So this guy, Mark Malkoff, goes in to the Apple store and sees what he can do before he gets kicked out.  He does some pretty entertaining things and not only does he not get kicked out, employees are actually impressed by him.  Apparently you can get away with murder, (not theft though) at the … Continue reading

iPhone 5 (4gs) hype is just gearing up! A guy is waiting in Line already for the iPhone 5!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Apple products, and can’t wait to see what is next in its lineup.  I however, will not fall victim to rumors and speculations or lose any sleep over when the next product comes out especially when we are months away from any potential release date.  They will release … Continue reading

iPad 2 Jailbreak! It’s finally here!

It has begun!  Jail Break for your iPad 2!  So without further delay here’s how it goes! Visit on your iDevice and click on free.  That’s it!  Watch it install and be the envy of all your friends.  I’ve uploaded a short video on how that’s done.  More cool stuff to follow! Now that … Continue reading

iPad 2 JailBreak… It’s getting closer to showtime! (or not)

I’ve seen a few sources (namely Comex)!/comex and it seems someone has leaked an older bugged version of his JailBreakme 3.0.  It was available for awhile before it was taken down, but as you can see on his twitter account, he wasn’t too happy about someone doing that and putting him on a timeline.  With all … Continue reading

Ice Films is up, with mixed results! Now Updated Daily!

So you went to your favorite T.V show this morning clicked on the letter, then the T.V show, then the episode, and then nothing…  Oops.  Long story short an update that is mandatory (1.0.9) is out so go to XBMC then System / Add-ons / Available updates / Video Add-ons and choose IceFilms Update! You should … Continue reading


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