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More HP TouchPads on the way

Well according to a few sources,  http://news.cnet.com/8301-13924_3-20099398-64/hp-to-bring-back-touchpad-for-last-production-run/ and http://h20435.www2.hp.com/t5/The-Next-Bench-Blog/More-TouchPads-on-the-Way/ba-p/68749 apparently HP will continue to make HP TouchPad’s in order to satisfy the demand and fulfill orders that were made on their website up to a certain cut off date.  While the information doesn’t tell us how we will be able to secure it other then they will be … Continue reading

Overclocking your TouchPad (Plus Patches)

Before Overclocking, go to http://www.webkit.org/perf/sunspider/sunspider.html on your TouchPad to see your current Benchmark score and then test it again after following this guide. Depending on your Wi-Fi connection and where you have your TouchPad in relation to distance from your router when you run the Benchmark test will make a difference in your score.  However, the before … Continue reading

TouchPlayer for the TouchPad.

So one of the first things I did with my TouchPad was transfer an ‘Avi’ file over to test, due to the fact I used the RFD mentality of ‘Buy now, think later’ I didn’t even know that the native player on the TouchPad does not support these file types.  As anyone who knows anything … Continue reading

Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

We all knew this day would come.  What really freaks me out is the timing, but before I get into that, here is the press release for those of you that want the full details.      “I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties … Continue reading

HP TouchPad Review

Now that there are about two hundred thousand or so more HP TouchPad users out there, I figured it would be a great time to do a review.  I’ve got some accessories on the way, so I’ll have the pictures of the TouchPad in the case and the dock shortly.  I am sure that everyone … Continue reading

HP TouchPad MADNESS!!!! Now $99 for 16GB and $149 for 32GB

So, this happens, and then this happens! I was sitting at my desk around 7pm on Friday night when I get a call, my cousin tells me to drop everything I’m doing and get on Red Flag Deals.  As soon as I open it, I see that the HP TouchPad has dropped from $399 to … Continue reading

Google acquires Motorola Mobility

I’ve been waiting for an acquisition deal for some time right now.  This wasn’t the one I was expecting, to be honest, everyday when I wake up, and open my browser I am half expecting to be met by news that R.I.M has been taken over.  I guess they get to live for yet another day. … Continue reading

XBMC and IceFilms on your iPad 2

I was looking through my Blog’s search engine terms and saw that a lot of people are looking for the ability to play IceFilms on their iPad 2’s.  So I went to Google and searched for the same thing and saw that it linked to my IceFilms and Apple T.V 2 blog.  Going through the … Continue reading

Will the iPhone 5 be released in September 2011?

Well, it keeps going back and forth, for those of us looking forward to a U.S September launch, its been reported that it may have been premature.  Not sure how this will effect international launch dates as they normally take place 3 weeks to a month later, but it was always a rumor to begin … Continue reading

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