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Will the iPhone 5 be released in September 2011?

Well, it keeps going back and forth, for those of us looking forward to a U.S September launch, its been reported that it may have been premature.  Not sure how this will effect international launch dates as they normally take place 3 weeks to a month later, but it was always a rumor to begin with.  I know the pandemonium is about to start as rumors and speculations are about to hit an apex but I ask for calm and will provide as many sources as I can and maybe we can piece this together.  I’ll keep adding links as I find them.  One of my own theories against a September 2011 launch is due to the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.  As someone who does not reside in the United States I’m not sure if this has any basis, but I would think it would be insensitive for a company based in the U.S to be doing massive advertising around this time especially in those areas devastated.  Of course this is my thinking only and take it for what its worth but could you imagine people lined up around the block for an iPhone 5 a week before or after the anniversary date in New York?  The way news media spins things sometimes, I don’t think Apple would want to get into that PR nightmare.

Support for September Release




Support for a later Release




And just for fun, here’s a pretty cool iPhone 5 teaser video, but it should be available as the iPhone 15.


Update as of September 7th, 2011:  Well, we are seven days in to September and still no announcement of an iPhone 5 release.  It is almost safe to say that it won’t happen this month.  But as you can see from the last link in Support for a later Release, momentum is gaining for an October release!


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