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Apple vs Samsung, Samsung vs Apple.

Its spy vs spy all over again.  Apple sues Samsung, Samsung sues Apple.  Where will it stop?  To make matters worse, Samsung actually supplied Apple with components for the iPad and the iPhone.

Now that I think about it, Samsung is exactly where Apple was in 2004.  Not in terms of product or pricing, but rather in brand recognition.  Everyone holds Apple to the Gold standard and it takes time to get there.  Most companies start off with a lump of coal and after a lot of hard work and criticism maybe get to the bronze level. (if you follow my analogy) By then, the next generation of gadgets are out and those companies are left with an inferior product with little or no user base.  Apple starts at the bronze level and with some work has a product that a few weeks after launch (give or take) is the envy of all and then just takes that knowledge to the next product. (or generation)  What I did not recognize is that Samsung is doing the same, the Samsung Galaxy 2 was a great improvement over the 1 and I am looking forward to the improvements the Nexus HD will have coming this October/November.  Samsung is starting at the bronze level with each new product, which puts them ahead of everyone except Apple at this point. (See HP’s TouchPad to understand where I am coming from)

I will admit that I haven’t had an opportunity to try out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I feel that it is a critical omission from my arsenal of tablet reviews.  I can say as an iPhone user that when I went over to the Nexus S, I was pleasantly surprised at how far along Android has come on Samsung’s platforms and found the switch easier then I thought it would be.  Being able to use flash even with a battery that drains 30% faster is fine by me, especially since there are a few things (not porn, okay maybe just a little) that can’t be done without flash.  Having flash support is nice and the fact that Samsung is supporting everything (file formats, drag and drop) may just be what will take Samsung to the next level!  Could you imagine if they started to tie in all their products (T.V, Phone, Tablet) via a Samsung T.V (like the Apple T.V) or integrated with their own next generation Smart T.V’s?!?

Before I get too far off topic, my whole point is that with both Apple and Samsung suing each other over patents and whatever else, it will only be consumers who lose, and to be fair, it looks like Apple is worried, we all know Apple has a ‘6th sense’  when it comes to identifying new trends or technology, could they have possibly realized that Samsung is their one and true competitor?  Normally I wouldn’t put too much faith or stock in conspiracy theories, especially my own, but this is one time I think I may be on to something.  The great thing is, time will tell.


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