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Samsung overtakes Apple as World’s Top Smart Phone Manufacturer!

Sometimes, when you’re right you’re right!  That paradigm shift I spoke of is already in progress, now I know many readers will still disagree with this concept citing the different types of phones available especially from the lower end of the technological offering of Samsung’s product line, but the fact is people are going out and buying … Continue reading

iPhone 4s vs Samsung Galaxy 2 Drop Test!

Its not often that I care about this sort of stuff, but when investing heavily in the newest shiniest toy, I’ve often wondered how my technology would fare should I clumsily drop my phone while walking on the streets of Toronto.  (knock on wood hope that doesn’t actually happen)  A neat little video featuring 3 … Continue reading

I Scream,You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Yes, you heard me correct. No not the ice cream you get from the grocery stores, or the ice cream truck that comes through a neighbourhood, and has kids running towards it, selecting their favourite flavour of ice cream. What I am talking about is Google’s upcoming Operating System – Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream … Continue reading

Apple to Use Reservation System

I decided to take a stroll over to my nearest Apple store only to find everyone vacating the premises, short of a fire I knew that this could only mean, RESERVATION SYSTEM! Basically you have to go log on to the Apple Website by 9pm (will confirm) reserve your color and size, the location you wish … Continue reading

Apple T.V 2 Upgraded to version 4.4

I know everyone who runs the Jail Break on Apple T.V 2 is wondering how to get the wonderful features that are included in version 4.4 and have it Jail broken.  Right now, as of this writing,you can’t have your cake and eat it too!  So if you want to use 4.4 you will lose … Continue reading

iPhone 4s Lineup MADNESS!!!!! Live blog from Mississauga Square One. Now completed!

Even though I’m not completely sold on the iPhone 4s, and if there was only one thing I was allowed to love about Apple, it would be Launch day lineups!  I’ve been lucky enough to be at the very top of a few lineups (for the iPad and other things silly) and I love the … Continue reading

TouchPad Knowledge!

PreCentral is a great place to get some knowledge on your TouchPad, however, for the non super technically savvy, it can be a bit of a challenge to understand what’s what.  (So that’s why I have this blog, Yes I know, shameless plug)  I was searching for a great resource in order to assist people … Continue reading

Steve Jobs Dead

Its being reported all over, Steve Jobs has died, although reports previously have been false, it seems like everyone is reporting on this. Its even on the Apple website, at least he was lucky to see his vision become a reality. Although I never knew the man personally, I have known death to claim those … Continue reading

Not sold on the iPhone 4S.

I think it was pretty clear, based on my expectations here, that not just me but many people had high expectations of the newest version of the iPhone.  I know we have begun to expect the impossible from Apple simply because they have a knack for giving us what we want and that’s part of … Continue reading

iPhone 5 (4gs?) Announcement coming Oct. 4th

By now, even those with no vested interest in getting an iPhone are aware that the next installment is being announced on Oct. 4th, this coming Tuesday.  For the most part, the indication is that the next iPhone will be the exact same form factor (size, weight, dimensions) but will include a few new features … Continue reading


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