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iPhone 5 (4gs?) Announcement coming Oct. 4th

By now, even those with no vested interest in getting an iPhone are aware that the next installment is being announced on Oct. 4th, this coming Tuesday.  For the most part, the indication is that the next iPhone will be the exact same form factor (size, weight, dimensions) but will include a few new features such as the new O.S which includes iCloud and iMessage and a few other ‘minor’ upgrades.  Quite frankly, I am calling B.S on this right now!  When something like this existed in February of this year, how can Apple 10 months later have a minor less significant upgrade to their phone? Sorry but even giving us a dual core processor at 1.5 Ghz and 1GB of memory with the current screen size is not enough at this point in the ball game.

Reduce the hype so you can blow them away, is the motto I think they are going with.  It better be the motto, because I fully expect 3D capabilities (video capture and viewing) on the next iPhone along with a quad core processor, LTE, longer lasting battery and a thinner form factor with a larger screen size.  Oh and it will all be for $699 for a 64GB version.  Oh and it will work on every carrier in the U.S and Canada.

How do you like them apples?

I’m not even going to say anything more, because anything less this that on Tuesday means that it is time for a new leader to step forward, but if we do get all of that, then Samsung will just have to wait for another decade or two.


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2 thoughts on “iPhone 5 (4gs?) Announcement coming Oct. 4th

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