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Samsung overtakes Apple as World’s Top Smart Phone Manufacturer!

Sometimes, when you’re right you’re right!  That paradigm shift I spoke of is already in progress, now I know many readers will still disagree with this concept citing the different types of phones available especially from the lower end of the technological offering of Samsung’s product line, but the fact is people are going out and buying these products.  The powers that be (at Samsung) have come to the assumption (correct) that they are poised to be the next big technological company and even if at a loss for the first few years, that putting in the ground work now would pay dividends in the years to come.  If you compare Apple’s product line up and compare it to Samsung’s you will see that it is Samsung that has the advantage!

If you do a quick Google search, (the irony) and search for Steve Job’s next big thing, you will see he was working on the Apple T.V, not the small black box, but rather, a T.V that Apple would have made. (still might)  I read somewhere  that it’s not enough that Apple just create the T.V but the entire ecosystem that goes along with it.  Think iPod with iTunes.  I’m almost positive (based on nothing but my own meandering thoughts) that technological relationship would have been forged with Samsung if not for Apple’s quest for global dominance or someone at Samsung realizing they could do it themselves.  (Hence all the lawsuits)  Now that the relationship between the two tech giants has soured, Samsung has the chance to jump ahead with the release of not only its own ‘Smart T.V’s’ but its own ecosystem as well.

How would they do this?  First by opening a Samsung Store!  If Sony can do it, so can Samsung!  Take a look at their website, all of you will be surprised (okay most of you, not all) to see their product line up.  Now add some Kool-Aid open a few dozen stores in some major metropolises and sit back and watch the magic happen.

Now I know most of you might think I am just kidding, but I really am not, I still love Apple, but I think she’s become my nagging wife telling me what to do while Samsung is that perfect mistress that’s just in the horizon…  (Don’t read into that analogy…especially if you are my wife…)  Oh and in case you don’t understand the analogy, think of it like this, in a normal relationship your wife will tell you what you should do to improve yourself, or what you should do, and when you should do it, it doesn’t mean that you do it, even though you know its better for you.  The fact is, you agree its better, but the time and effort required to be that way will never happen regardless of how much you know it should happen.  In other words, HTML vs Flash.  I’m in enough trouble, I’ll stop right there…



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