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AT&T and T-Mobile Merger is no More…

While going through my daily list of news, blogs, and Yahoo updates (yeah I use Yahoo…) I came across this very disappointing article. Only to follow it up with this even sadder news.  Is it bad that I couldn’t care how many jobs are lost or created, but rather, that if AT&T had acquired T-Mobile the … Continue reading

Siri Starts a Car

Now its not often we find actual practical uses for technology.  Yeah, yeah, I know we present every upgrade to those we answer to for practical reasons, “But honey, if I get this it will allow me to (insert 1% of actual time spent on phone for this purpose here) faster.”  Sometimes we just rationalize … Continue reading

Apple iTV?

You know what the best part of innovation is?  Basically sticking it to the man and letting him know that what he has been doing up until now has been wrong!  The fact that it makes something easier or better is a close second…  Think of the microwave, I mean, we still had warm leftovers … Continue reading

Facebook Phone set to Launch in 1 year or never…

It’s not often I have a good hearty laugh at the expense of others but when I read something like this, I can only do that.  Now, by no means am I multi Billionaire, or even just a Billionaire, but from what I can understand of people who made tons of money from a single … Continue reading

BlackBerry Playbook Sale now Live for $199!

You all know that the Playbook went on sale today, but what you may not know is how quickly it has gone out of stock!  I can say with a straight face that this was the price that everyone was willing to pay for a Blackberry Playbook 16GB. ($199)  You may be lucky and still … Continue reading

Blackberry PlayBook Price drop to $198 Coming this week!

Oh yes, you heard that right, yet another price drop coming to the Blackberry PlayBook!  This time its going down to $198/298/398 for the 16,32,64 GB respectively.  I’m not sure how many price drops that is or how many people will run out and buy them at this price, but I do believe at this … Continue reading

Just a Quick Update

There are a lot of interesting things going on right now, Touchpad dual-booting cm7 and webOS, they fixed the Apple iPhone 4s battery issue, Apple T.V 2 has mirroring support in 4.4.2 (still waiting on untethered boot, and so many other things.  Unfortunately, all the Jail Breaks are either in the Alpha, Beta, or almost there but … Continue reading


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