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Blackberry PlayBook Price drop to $198 Coming this week!

Oh yes, you heard that right, yet another price drop coming to the Blackberry PlayBook!  This time its going down to $198/298/398 for the 16,32,64 GB respectively.  I’m not sure how many price drops that is or how many people will run out and buy them at this price, but I do believe at this price point, the hoarding may begin.

Check out the full discussion here.

Best Buy, Future Shop, Staples, and of course Wal-Mart are leading this charge!  For those of you with subscriptions to Staples Email, they offer coupons such as get $15 off your purchase of $100, $20 off 200 and so on to add to your savings!

Here’s a flyer showing the sale price coming this Friday!

Happy Hunting!

Update: The Walmart site is now live with the updated pricing! Price Matching (PM) opportunities exist, only for the 32GB units as the 16GB is showing up as out of stock!  However, be prepared to battle, as most stores have been informed not to PM this as the price will fall across the board tomorrow.  However, a select few individuals are reporting on the RFD forums that they have been successful earlier this morning only to have people go in a few moments ago to report failure at PM’ing!  Those first individuals were very fortunate, the rest of us will have to patiently wait until tomorrow…


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