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BlackBerry Playbook Sale now Live for $199!

You all know that the Playbook went on sale today, but what you may not know is how quickly it has gone out of stock!  I can say with a straight face that this was the price that everyone was willing to pay for a Blackberry Playbook 16GB. ($199)  You may be lucky and still find some 32GB and 64GB stock out there, but at $299 and $399 respectively, there really is no point buying those versions.  ($100 extra per 16GB, no way!).

Just in my city alone, I went to 2 Wal-Mart’s, 2 Staples, 1 Future Shop, and 1 Best Buy and they were all gone.  As of 12PM there was a Chapters on Quarry Edge Drive that had 1 or 2 16GB’s left in Brampton, but I would would be willing to wager that they would be gone by now as well.  The Source has a few left, but you will have to pay $39 extra for one as they are offering a $300 gift card to use against the Playbook but you have to pay taxes against the $499.99 price first, which defeats the purpose of the sale and getting it for the lowest possible price.  Unless you are looking to buy a 32GB or 64GB version, and even then its not that easy to find them,  you may have to wait for some more stock to come in.  I know right now there is no definitive news on that either, but if the sale is going to last for a week or more, I think sometime next week, you will be able to walk into almost any store and walk out with one.

Good luck and happy hunting!  Speaking of hunting, I did spend my whole morning on this, but I guess I really love the hunt, especially when in the end I was able to locate extra stock for some family!  Thanks to all those who helped in the process and I even made a friend along the way!

Update: Future Shop has some back order stock online again!  Will take a few days to get to you, but at least you have a chance of getting it, and they don’t charge your Credit Card until they ship it to you, good luck, they will go fast!

Update November 24th 11:32AM: Stock has been filtering in to many stores, in fact, if you haven’t gotten one by now and you want one, I seriously question your ability to dress yourself in the morning.  If you’ve been under a rock for the last few days, well then I understand, (or working), check your local retailers and their websites often, as some websites have had stock for a few minutes before being sold out again at various random points during the day (BB, FS, Bell, etc).  The difference between the HP TouchPad and the Playbook is that RIM is still shipping and making the Playbook.  So there should be no reason with a little ground work why you shouldn’t have one.  Good luck!


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One thought on “BlackBerry Playbook Sale now Live for $199!

  1. hahaha wow

    Posted by Neomi Dey | November 29, 2011, 7:12 am

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