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Apple iTV?

You know what the best part of innovation is?  Basically sticking it to the man and letting him know that what he has been doing up until now has been wrong!  The fact that it makes something easier or better is a close second…  Think of the microwave, I mean, we still had warm leftovers before that right?  Sure there have been other more prominent innovations, see a list here.

So, with Apple rumoured (LOL) to be making some sort of smart iTV, you have to think, with the thin profit margins out there in T.V sets, will this be a viable product?  Or will they follow the video game console platform and sell the sets at a loss and recoup through content sales?  We all know that Apple has a huge following, but unlike phones and a relatively new tablet market, the T.V market has been around forever. (1926 was forever ago) It used to be that people would keep their sets until they broke and the repair was just about as costly as buying a new set.  With the advent of HDTV and LCD’s there was a technological reason to go out and buy a new set.  Ask yourself, how long has 3D T.V been out and how many people do you know that have it?

What can Apple do that makes people want to trash (or replace their primary sets) when the iTV comes out?  Netflix at $8 a month for unlimited T.V has bandwidth and content restrictions, and even with Apple’s pull, they may be able to get more content out, but that won’t have any effect on the limited bandwidth wagon that most ISP’s seem to be on right now.  Not to mention that not everyone who owns a T.V has an internet connection!

So, they would have to make something that takes at least all 3 of those considerations and doesn’t cost the end user more to use it.  But we all know that isn’t the Apple model.  In fact based on some pricing of Desktop Computers and Notebook’s, I am willing to estimate a $2000 to $3000 42″ T.V set from Apple, unless magically they decide to follow some other business model that they haven’t up to this point.  This is one product that I think that I will pass on and so will many others, barring some sort of iPhone like break through!


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I like to use technology to help me waste time, if by chance it helps with anything useful, that was just dumb luck!


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