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Facebook Phone set to Launch in 1 year or never…

It’s not often I have a good hearty laugh at the expense of others but when I read something like this, I can only do that.  Now, by no means am I multi Billionaire, or even just a Billionaire, but from what I can understand of people who made tons of money from a single enterprise is the desire to prove that they are not a ‘one hit wonder.’  I think that is what is happening here!  I have to ask my self, why does an application need a phone, when I could have swore it was the other way around…(Just ask RIM, hahaha)

And of course it is named, ‘Buffy’ because that’s what I think of naturally when I think of Facebook and a Phone together…  Also to note, I don’t see Mark Zuckerberg’s name in that article but rather, ‘…Facebook CTO Bret Taylor, several sources said.’  So we all know who will not be working for Facebook one way or another in about 12-18 months time.   Seriously, either they think the majority of Facebook users are willing to put down their Apple, Android, or Rim phones for a single app that is deeply rooted, (Everytime someone writes on your FaceBook, Mark Zuckerberg will call you to tell you have an update plus that you owe him $1.00 per post) with Android features.

I was going to use this paragraph to bash it more, but I think that’s enough, I’ll let a company worth Billions become worth Millions and finally be remembered as My Space 2, then go find a couple of twins and have a good laugh about it.  But you never know, crazier things have happened…


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I like to use technology to help me waste time, if by chance it helps with anything useful, that was just dumb luck!


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