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AT&T and T-Mobile Merger is no More…

While going through my daily list of news, blogs, and Yahoo updates (yeah I use Yahoo…) I came across this very disappointing article. Only to follow it up with this even sadder news.  Is it bad that I couldn’t care how many jobs are lost or created, but rather, that if AT&T had acquired T-Mobile the chances of a Wind/Mobilicity iPhone 5 would go from impossible to highly unlikely. (That’s a huge improvement for us nerds!)

Apparently, “Julius Genachowski, the chairman of the U.S. Federal Communication Commission, has spoken out about AT&T’s proposed acquisition of  T-Mobile and deemed the merger to be against the public interest. Genachowski has called for commissioners to vote for an administrative public hearing against the $39 billion, which could prove to be a huge setback for the two carriers.” Which totally and absolutely sucks for us Canadians with amazing unlimited everything plans from the new carriers.  Furthermore, “AT&T said today that it withdrew from the Federal Communications Commission its application to acquire T-Mobile…” So yeah, the writing is on the wall and barring some hail marry type pass from Apple, we won’t see an iPhone 5 on Wind/Mobi unless they decide to add the frequencies required by those carriers on their own.  But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

I think I need an intervention, with this news, I am about 5 minutes away from rejoining one of the Evil 3, (Bell, Rogers,Telus).  Sad day indeed.



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