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There are a few rumors that the iPad 3 will be announced later this month at  Macworld/iWorld expo scheduled for January 26-28, 2012, in San Francisco and shortly thereafter released near the yearly cycle that they have followed thus far. (March in the U.S with Canadians and the rest of the world not too far behind)  For those of you who don’t know what Macworld/iWorld is think CES but just for everything Apple related. ( CES Website)

As for the iPad 3 and why I put stock into rumors is because there is a healthy dose of people who just need to have their fix of Apple information and those who are actually in a position to provide it and let’s be honest, its awesome to speculate and then see how close you were to the truth when the product is finally released!

The rumor making the rounds right now states that the iPad 3 is coming out in two versions, the first supporting a 5 MP camera and the second with an 8 MP camera both with the same A6 processor but not the quad core chip set I was hoping for. The display will be higher resolution QXGA screen (1536 x 2048)  (not confirmed if Retina) and the thickness might even increase a millimetre or two in order to fit all this in.  When I think about pricing with a two version release this is where my doubts begin on the accuracy of this rumor.  Apple knows that when they establish a price point with one of their products even they would be crazy to mess with it, so the base 5MP 16GB iPad 3 would hold at $499 while the 8MP 16GB will get introduced at $50 to $100 more?  That just doesn’t make sense to me so the question becomes would they consider releasing a 5MP, 8GB version at lower price point that would be suited to compete with other lower priced offerings in the market or would they just slash the price of the iPad 2 down to the $299-$399 range.  But that still leaves the question, at what pricing would the two different iPad 3 models be at? To me that would be absolutely terrifying direction in for them to go (two versions) as I don’t want to pay upwards of $700 to get an  ipad 3 that is only a minor improvement over the iPad 2 in my opinion.  But I guess with all rumors time will tell what was true and what was well, just a rumor…



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