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Is the iPad HD’s Retina Display Faulty?

Well first to shake off the writing dust, whew, its been awhile. Second, what better way to start off writing again than to highlight a bunch of errors in the new iPad HD.  There are reports that many iPad HD’s are suffering from a yellowish tint on pages that should be white and crisp. Many … Continue reading

iPad 3 Rumors

There are a few rumors that the iPad 3 will be announced later this month at  Macworld/iWorld expo scheduled for January 26-28, 2012, in San Francisco and shortly thereafter released near the yearly cycle that they have followed thus far. (March in the U.S with Canadians and the rest of the world not too far behind)  For … Continue reading

Untethered 4.4.4 Jailbreak (iOS 5) for Apple T.V 2!

Stop the presses!  Untethered Jailbreak for version 4.4.4 (iOS 5) is out!  I’m working on mine, will have a full guide up! So, I discovered it works the same way as previous guides, just make sure you update your Apple T.V 2 to version 4.4.4 by connecting it to iTunes and clicking restore (even if … Continue reading

More HP TouchPads on the way

Well according to a few sources, and apparently HP will continue to make HP TouchPad’s in order to satisfy the demand and fulfill orders that were made on their website up to a certain cut off date.  While the information doesn’t tell us how we will be able to secure it other then they will be … Continue reading

Overclocking your TouchPad (Plus Patches)

Before Overclocking, go to on your TouchPad to see your current Benchmark score and then test it again after following this guide. Depending on your Wi-Fi connection and where you have your TouchPad in relation to distance from your router when you run the Benchmark test will make a difference in your score.  However, the before … Continue reading

Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

We all knew this day would come.  What really freaks me out is the timing, but before I get into that, here is the press release for those of you that want the full details.      “I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties … Continue reading

XBMC and IceFilms on your iPad 2

I was looking through my Blog’s search engine terms and saw that a lot of people are looking for the ability to play IceFilms on their iPad 2’s.  So I went to Google and searched for the same thing and saw that it linked to my IceFilms and Apple T.V 2 blog.  Going through the … Continue reading

Will the iPhone 5 be released in September 2011?

Well, it keeps going back and forth, for those of us looking forward to a U.S September launch, its been reported that it may have been premature.  Not sure how this will effect international launch dates as they normally take place 3 weeks to a month later, but it was always a rumor to begin … Continue reading

Real Racing 2 HD: Wireless full screen gaming over AirPlay!

Gentleman, start your engines!  I’m sure we all know what that relates to, but in the future, it could have a new meaning if you have an Apple T.V 2.  A company called Firemint has developed the first game that you can play from your iPad 2 then using Airplay connect with your ATV2.  Oh, … Continue reading

My Top 10 Free App List

Everyone has an Apps list, so I thought why not make my own.  Realistically, you should be checking the App store daily for freebies that exist only for a couple days.  It is a great way to save money and potentially get an app that will help you kill hours of time when you need … Continue reading


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