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Blackberry Playbook Update 2.0!

Although I never really understood the hype surrounding the lack of a native email function for the Playbook (I use Gmail) those who simply couldn’t live without it can rejoice! Playbook has been updated with some cool new features including native email! (LOL DUH…) There are some other cool new features added as well, you can read … Continue reading

DingleBerry Jailbreak / Root now Live!

So I read a few days back that someone had rooted / Jailbroken into RIM’s PlayBook, which to begin with is quite embarrassing for the manufacturer but doesn’t actually effect the user in anyway.  But try telling that to the doomsday crowd!  Well, for those of you who are interested in what it is and what it … Continue reading

RIM takes yet another Beating!

You ever watch those fights, where one guy is taking such an atrocious beating and even though you may have been rooting for him, you and everyone realize that he should throw in the towel, that some Rocky like comeback victory just isn’t going to happen and that everyone realizes it except for the poor bastard … Continue reading

BlackBerry Playbook Sale now Live for $199!

You all know that the Playbook went on sale today, but what you may not know is how quickly it has gone out of stock!  I can say with a straight face that this was the price that everyone was willing to pay for a Blackberry Playbook 16GB. ($199)  You may be lucky and still … Continue reading

Blackberry PlayBook Price drop to $198 Coming this week!

Oh yes, you heard that right, yet another price drop coming to the Blackberry PlayBook!  This time its going down to $198/298/398 for the 16,32,64 GB respectively.  I’m not sure how many price drops that is or how many people will run out and buy them at this price, but I do believe at this … Continue reading

RIM to announce Layoffs, Stock Taking a beating!

Was there a need for Blackberry to make a Tablet? Lets be honest here, the BlackBerry Playbook is a competent device, to avoid an argument from the ‘fanboi’s’ I’m going to say there are things the Playbook can do that the iPad 2 can’t and vice versa. So let’s compare Apples to Apples and Oranges … Continue reading

BlackBerry PlayBook review.

After spending 23 hours in line, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a BlackBerry PlayBook.  Okay, maybe I’m being just a little facetious, especially since I walked into my local Future Shop and walked out with one 10 minutes later.  In fact anyone can, but I thought it was funny.  Let me … Continue reading


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