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iMessage: Just another reason to leave your BlackBerry Behind…

As I watched my brother co-ordinate an outing with some friends a few months ago it dawned on me how important a native messenger app really is.  I ask him why he went from his N92 over to a Blackberry and he tells me simple, “Because all my friends and co-workers have it.”  As that … Continue reading

How to JailBreak, Install NitoTV, XMBC and IceFilms and Navi – X to your Apple T.V 2 (Untethered 4.4.4) (iOS 5)

Although  MegaUpload was taken down by the U.S government IceFilms still has functionality! Link now includes instructions / link for Navi-X but due to the frequent issues, I can only promise that I will try my best to resolve any issues you encounter as many of them are not user related but IceFilms related. *Note* You are … Continue reading

RIM to announce Layoffs, Stock Taking a beating!

Was there a need for Blackberry to make a Tablet? Lets be honest here, the BlackBerry Playbook is a competent device, to avoid an argument from the ‘fanboi’s’ I’m going to say there are things the Playbook can do that the iPad 2 can’t and vice versa. So let’s compare Apples to Apples and Oranges … Continue reading

Real Racing 2 HD: Wireless full screen gaming over AirPlay!

Gentleman, start your engines!  I’m sure we all know what that relates to, but in the future, it could have a new meaning if you have an Apple T.V 2.  A company called Firemint has developed the first game that you can play from your iPad 2 then using Airplay connect with your ATV2.  Oh, … Continue reading

The Death of Flash…or is it?

What happens when you put someone who is technically savvy but not media savvy at the helm of a company… This.  Now if you listen to the Apple camp, it’s the death march for Flash.  I have a different take on it.  Apple has basically designed their devices so that everyone who accesses it through … Continue reading

Stolen MacBook “This Guy Has My MacBook”

Another one bites the dust!  A thief (allegedly) stole some poor guys MacBook!  What the thief didn’t know is this guy installed a security software for Mac’s that allows him to see what someone is doing on his computer and take pictures via the webcam!  You can see/read the hilarity here. I love that they … Continue reading


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